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Bed Bug FAQs

Q: What Methods are used?
A: The Aegis Bed Bug Treatment Protocol includes treating all mattresses, box springs, bed frames, head boards, night stands, dressers, baseboards, sofas, chairs and any other necessary furniture and affected areas. We also begin the service by vacuuming heavily infested harborage points and applying steam these areas before any chemical applications.

Q: How do the things that are taken from drawers and put into bags treated?
A: Drawers and cabinets are treated inside and out. We do not treat your personal items. You can however, wash clothing before you put them in the bags or before you put them back into the drawers. If a bedbug is put back in a drawer it would have to crawl across the treated areas when prowling for a blood meal and would then die.

Q: I know I have to vacate for several hours but how long does the actual treatment take?
A: Depending on the infestation and environment, a bed bug treatment can take anywhere from 2-4 hours for a typical one or two bedroom apartment. This time can vary depending on how much or how little storage is in the room. A sparsely furnished room may require much less time, where a cluttered room may take longer.

Q: Is there a guarantee?
A: Bedbug treatments are not guaranteed and an established bedbug remedy may take up to three or more services. A heavier infestation may take more follow-up treatments. We like to only charge you for the services you need, so we break up the overall cost into treatments. The fact remains that there is no overnight remedy and patience will be required.

Q: I’ve heard that bedbugs are hard to get rid of or impossible, is this true?
A: No, when the correct tools and chemicals are used, the areas are treated properly and most important, you’ve prepared for the service well and follow all the preparation instructions, bedbugs can be eradicated. It may take time and patience but it can be done. If bed bugs continue to be reintroduced from and external source, it can be frustrating and prolong the remediation process. Improper or lack of preparation can prolong a the elimination process as well. A pooly prepared home may prevent a technician from gaining access affected areas thereby leaving affected areas untreated.

Q: Bedbug covers for the mattresses; can I buy any mattress cover?
A: Standard mattress covers won’t be good enough. Look for covers that state they are “Certified Bedbug Mattress Covers” the primary difference is the zipper. The zipper on a certified cover will be designed to keep bedbugs from penetrating from where the zipper ends. Bedbug covers will keep the mattress clean of bedbug droppings and will keep them out of the framing of the box spring. The box spring mattress will be very desirable to bedbugs because once they’re able to get behind the netting on the bottom, the framing allows a lot more hiding and breeding areas.

Q: How much does it cost?
Bedbug treatments are very labor intensive and require moving and turning over furniture, dismantling beds, removing electrical face plates.  Cost is directly related to the size of your home and the extent of the infestation.  There is no cookie cutter solution to successful bed bug remediation.