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K-9 Inspections

Scout the Bed Bug Dog

A qualified K-9 inspection team consists of a well-trained and properly maintained scent dog along and a professional dog handler that, not only knows how to work with their dog, they should also have considerable of knowledge of bed bugs – how they live, hide, breed, feed and move.  A well trained dog and knowledgeable handler can be a potent weapon in the fight against bed bugs.

Our bed bug inspection teams are experienced and well trained:

  • Maintenance training is conducted 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Thousands of bed bug inspections conducted over five years
  • Handlers attend annual International Bed Bug Summit
  • Handlers attend regional NPMA Bed Bug Forums
  • Dog and Handler teams attend advanced scent dog training regularly
  • NESDCA Certified Inspection Team (Annually)

K-9 bed bug scent detection teams that are certified through NESDCA uphold the highest pest control industry standards. When a canine team is properly trained and maintained, you can be assured of a high percentage of accuracy in locating live bed bugs and viable eggs.

Not only can properly trained and maintained canines locate Bed Bug problems they can also determine if treatment has worked due to their ability to let us know there are no more live bed bugs present.