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Though they’re shy around people, a Chicago rodent problem can be serious business. Mice and rats can destroy property, spread disease, and overrun your home. These little pests can be be slippery to catch and aggressive if they feel like it. What’s worse, mice, rats and other rodents begin to depend on your building for shelter. What does all this mean to you? A full-blown infestation can take place if you’re not careful. Aegis can help! We’ll give your property a thorough inspection and develop a plan to quickly resolve your rodent problem.

Rat Facts:

  • Rats and mice aren’t always timid: if confronted, they become aggressive and will even bite you.
  • Because rats are easily alarmed, it’s almost impossible to catch them with traps.
  • Rodents hide in all the hardest-to-reach places: in walls and crawl spaces and under porches.
  • Mice and rats carry Hantavirus.
  • Rats also bring home parasites such as sucking lice, mites, and tapeworms into your house

Mice Facts:

  • Within as little as two months, two mice can become two hundred.
  • Without exception, mice and rats contaminate all foodstuffs they touch.
  • Mice urine is highly dangerous.

What is Hantavirus?

Hantavirus is a serious disease and the primary reason to eliminate your rodent problem. In worst case scenarios, this dangerous syndrome can kill its victims. In fact, approximately 36% of Hantavirus cases end in death.

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